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JECSE.,   Volume(4) - Issue(2), 2018
pp 35-41,   https://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djcse.in/2018021004

Enriching Controlled Information Sharing in Healthcare Systems using Attribute based Encryption with Break-Glass Policy

S.P Predeep Kumar;


During emergency situations in health care, information sharing is the most crucial task in emergency management. This paper proposes a control model that accesses the information sharing in controlled manner during critical situations. This single organization can be upgraded to cloud computing environment. But cloud computing environment faces some security issues like replay attacks, data modification etc. that are to be handled properly. To avoid these issues Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) scheme is used. ABE encrypts the data on the basis of user attribute. The decryption of ciphertext can be done if the user key attribute coincides with the ciphertext attribute. Collision resistance is one of the main features of ABE. In order to support break-glass policies, this prototype can be extended by allowing the unauthorized users to gain access in emergency situations and then revoking after emergency.


Access control, privacy, Cloud computing, Break glass policy, Attribute based encryption.

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