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JECSE.,   Volume(1) - Issue(1), 2015
pp 25-33,   https://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djcse.in/2015011004

Using Genetic Algorithm for Improved Safe Image Transmission Method by Colour Transitions

A.K Parvathi;


This paper introduces a new type of computer art mosaic image called secret-fragment-visible mosaic image which transforms automatically a given large-volume secret image into a so-called secret-fragment-visible mosaic image of the same size. The randomly selected target image and the mosaic image looks similar. By using Skillful techniques a mosaic image of this type is created from a given secret color image and the 3- D color space is transformed into a new 1-D colorscale. Inorder to conduct the color transformation process skillful techniques are designed so that the secret image may be recovered nearly lossless. A novel method is attempted in mosaic image steganography using techniques such as  key based random permutation and genetic algorithm. The creation of a predefined database of target images has been avoided. Instead, selected target image  reduces the memory load results reduction in the space complexity randomly.A method for handling the overflows and underflows in the converted pixels’ colour values by recording the untransformed colour space colour differences is also proposed. The information required for recovering the secret image is incorporated by means of a lossless data hiding scheme into the created mosaic image using a key.


Genetic Algorithm, Least significant bit, Root-mean-square error, Joint photographic experts group and Mosaic image steganography.

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